Shine at the end of the year ? You can! With Delage

Did you know that Delage is a Luxury French Maison whose high standards of quality, elegance and performance follow the tradition of the successful automobile company founded in 1905, based on the values of elegance, quality, tradition and performance?

Text Anja Van Der Borght

The leather upholstery and casing crafts are central to the company’s know-how. They tell a story of unique leather craft objects, both beautiful and long lasting. Born in the Roaring Twenties, Delage expresses joy through the choice of the exclusive leather colours, differentiation in a global timeless style. The Delage red (the Company’s famous colour) which is present in the lining of the bag, discreetly expresses the strength of feelings and the attachment to life. The success of the House Delage is based on values such as authenticity, impeccable work and attention to details.

For the end of the year Delage proposes his models Ginette PM, Jeanne PM and Jeanne MM in gold plated or silver plated leather. The bags and clutches with refined lines and luxurious details can be worn in several ways and are perfect for any party outfit.

All bags testify to the outstanding expertise of the master saddler: cut and waxed cut, exceptional finish, saddle stitches or hand-stitched seams, precious rolled hems finished with very fine stitches … The House Delage stands for luxury leather goods and accessories that stand the test of time.

Every detail refers to the glory time of the exceptional cars of the same brand.

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