OROTEMPO.BE : why wouldn’t you buy that Ferrari online ?

Five years ago I would never have thougth buying things for over 500 euros online. In the mean time we buy things for thousands of euros. Eric Döhnert, CEO of OROTEMPO.BE: “E-commerce sales in Belgium amounted to more than 10 billion euros in 2017.” So wouldn’t a Belgian online store for watches and jewellery that combines the ease of use of a webshop with the proximity of the local jeweler not be a good initatiative? Eric Döhnert and Jan Orye came up with the idea and launched OROTEMPO.BE, a webshop for and by the Belgian jewelers.

Web store close to the customer
OROTEMPO.BE was launched earlier this year at the Brussels Motor Show and could count on a lot of acclaim from the audience. Six months later both customers and Belgian jewelers seem particularly enthusiastic about the initiative. Eric Döhnert, CEO of OROTEMPO: “Both Jan Orye and myself have been active in the watches and jewelery sector for many years, and we find that Belgian jewelers are all very passionate about their profession but it is also a fairly traditional sector that has some difficulties to step up to e-commerce. On the other hand, quality service and proximity are not seldom absent in the world of e-commerce.”

What OROTEMPO.BE has to offer? The ease of use and the speed of e-commerce with the proximity of the local jeweler. You buy that watch or piece of jewellery online and can have it delivered at the local jeweler of your choice, which creates trust and a sense of closeness. Very important to get that feeling to have an after sales point.

OROTEMPO.BE seems to combine the best of two worlds and offers the largest collection of watches and jewellry on a Belgian online platform.

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