New Citroën C5 Aircross : truly beyond and above

No small feat: to stand out in a world where cars become increasingly generic. The new Citroën C5 Aircross is truly beyond and above par and due to its suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, it introduces a new way of driving experience in the SUV segment: the flying carpet feeling.

Text Anja Van Der Borght – Pictures WOWwatchers

No better place than Marrakech – Walhalla of carpets and copper lamps – to test a car that Aladdin would have been jealous of. We too are very keen to have a go but have to press the start button for a longer time than expected before the new Citroën SUV jumps to life. But this has been the only moment of any hesitation throughout the test. Because whether we drive on the national road or on the winding roads through the Atlas Mountains, the new SUV reveals itself to be very dynamic in the corners and quite powerful. The automatic eight speed transmission changes effortlessly, only the button for the manual operation on the top of the gear lever is a bit awkward, and when we accidently rested our hand on the gear lever, we inadvertedly changed into manual operation. Ideal to get rid of a bad habit!


We sit pleasantly high and comfy in the broad seats with thick, sturdy cushions that seem to have a long life in both fabric and leather. Furthermore, we enjoy excellent visibility around. It seems that they have thought of everything at Citroën. From an extra large boot – 580 litres expandable to 720 litres, the largest in its segment – to even a full size spare wheel as an option. Today, rather the exception than the rule. The pinnacle of this car, however, are the adaptive Progressive Hydraulic Cushions which slow down the suspension movements and filter out both large and small road irregularities, resulting in excellent comfort even for the passengers in the rear seat! The C5 Aircross seems to float above the road surface, but still offers the necessary grip. A SUV born to devour those many miles and this with the whole family.

– exceptionally comfortable, the car seems to float above the road
– we chose the petrol version because of its extremely quiet character
– spacious interior and ditto suitcase
– extensive standard safety equipment
– the three individually adjustable, tiltable and fold-down rear seats make it the most modular SUV in its segment.

– some inserts in the interior can be more qualitative
– the position of the M-button (to switch manually) on the gearshift

TEST CAR Citroën C5 Aircross 1.6 PureTech 180 Shine, 181 hp, EAT8 eight speed auto| TEST CONSUMPTION 7.9 l / 100 km CO2 EMISSION 129 g / 100 km BUDGET starting price € 24,150 for the 1.2 litre 131 hp. Price test car (without options): € 36,600 – BIV test car: € 314.49 – road tax € 285.38

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