The new Coyote UP : for an uplifting driving experience

The past years, millions of drivers discovered the Coyote driver assistant and started treasuring it. Today the good news is: that it is better than ever ! The brand new Coyote UP combines two big new features: a voice assistant for improved safety behind the wheel and the patented Predictive Safety technology. How it works you can discover here…

Coyote UP builds on Coyote’s past success with a new feature that consumers and the market have been asking for. To meet these expectations, Coyote developed its own voice assistant that is able to understand requests in ordinary spoken language. This new voice assistant allows you to raise and confirm alerts without taking your eyes off the road or removing your hands from the steering wheel, using the simple phrase ‘Hey Coyote!’. 

Just say “Hey Coyote !” and ask your Coyote what you want to know.

We will try the new Coyote UP very soon and give you input about our experiences but according to Coyote the device should be able to understand any accent from West Flemish to Limburg accents. We are very curious to try that out!

Some other new features have been incorporated into the new Coyote UP:
– A 3.5 inch touch screen that is discreet and easy to read.
– A single physical button that simplifies interactions with the device.
– A new interface that is simple, ergonomic and intuitive.
– Automatic mode change between day (white background) and night (black background) so as not to dazzle the driver.

Last but not least, the new Coyote UP comes equipped with the so-called Predictive Safety technology. ‘This new feature has become part of Coyote’s DNA and paves the way for further developments. About 80% of future services will be developed through the analysis of our data, and by virtue of our ability to develop artificial intelligence algorithms and self-learning predictive models,’ says Vincent Hébert, Managing Director of Coyote SYSTEMS BENELUX. Based on an algorithm that analyses anonymised community data, Predictive Safety contributes to better hazard identification and awareness. At each bend in the road that has been identified as dangerous, the driver receives a contextual alert which provides a recommended speed for taking the bend safely.

Predictive Safety allows members of the Coyote community to:
1. Negotiate bends confidently
2. Drive with knowledge of what lies ahead
3. Manage their speed even better
This free feature will be initially implemented through a software update on all Coyote UP and NAV+ products during the first quarter of 2020.

In addition to the new voice functionality and Predictive Safety, the device incorporates all the technology developed by Coyote. Road alerts and hazards will be reported in real time by the community of over 1.6 million users in Belgium.
The screen displays maximum recommended speed and any disruptions on the route ahead. Coyote once again offers an ad-free service so as not to distract users. Personal data remains anonymous and is not used for commercial purposes.

We unwrapped our Coyote Up and are looking forward to see how it works in real life.

Coyote wishes to keep its products made in Europe, and therefore manufactures Coyote UP in France (designed in the Paris region and Bordeaux; assembled in partner factories in Caen and Rennes).

Coyote UP is available from 13 January 2020 on the website at a price of €229 including VAT. The device is also available in Coyote stores and at all the usual points of sale.

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