Le Labo Cedrat 37 honours Berlin

Imagine an exclusive collection of niche perfumes which is available worldwide for only one month a year. How WOW is that? It’s a concept developped by Le Labo – a boutique fragrance brand established in 2006 – a few years ago. Meanwhile Le Labo City Exclusives counts fourteen niche fragrances linked to a city in the world. The latest one Cedrat 37 is an hommage to the edgy side of Berlin.

Are you in love with ‘Vanille 44’ linked to Paris or ‘Gaiac 10 linked to Tokio’ then you need to travel respectively to Paris or Tokio to get the perfume. From Brussels to Paris is feasable but to go to Tokio just for your favourite perfume… ? Luckily Le Labo thought of that too and once a year for a month long you can buy the fourteen fragrances of the City Exclusives collection in any Le Labo boutique world wide. The rest of the year the fourteen artisanally crafted unisex smells, all hand-mixed, are exclusively available in the city to which the perfume is dedicated. No online sales. No telephone orders. No exceptions. Unless you have conquered a bottle of your preferred fragrance you can have it refilled the year around where you want. Without the bottle it’s a NO GO! 

The newest fragrance in the collection – Cedrat 37 – is created it as an hommage to the freedom feeling you experience in Berlin but we ourselves would more associate it with a summer holiday in Portofino. The mixture of citrussy cedrat, ginger and cardamom is lighter than most other fragrances from the exclusive collection and is more reminiscent of the freshness of a cologne though it stays longer on your skin ! Well done as we like this kind of scents that are citrussy fresh and a bit sour in the top and evolve to a more sweet scent. Traditionally at Le Labo the base of the perfume contains notes of musk, wood and ambergris. 

Conclusion: a very fresh citrussy gingerlike scent that stays longer on your skin than a cologne and evolves to a sligtly sweet flowerlike scent. Very nice but not your cupoftea if you like heavy perfumes.

Our favourites? Mousse de Chêne 30 linked to Amsterdam, Santal 33 linked to New York and Aldehyde 44 that smells of fresh linen and is linked to Dallas. Love, love, love ! 

This year you can buy the Le Labo City Exclusives from 1 to 30 September in all Le Labo stores worldwide – online and offline. This is also the case in the Le Labo Antwerp store.

In addition to the special collection of Le Labo City Exclusives, Le Labo also has a global collection of 18 unisex niche perfumes.

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