Ice-Watch: watches to steal

Belgian watch maker Ice-Watch wants to take it to a higher level and decided to go steel. The result: qualitative feeling and great looking watches you have to pay attention to your room mate doesn’t secretely take off with.

Text Anja Van Der Borght

Steel has a chic connotation … and the colors Ice-Watch has chosen are striking. Is there anyone who will be able to resist these Pepsi coloured versions? 

Brilliant and shiny steel highlights the generous palette of sport-city colors and the timeless details that punctuate the dials of the ICE steel collection. 

Since the brand started twelve years ago Ice Watch has always been into new creative ideas. The Belgian watch maker launched new designs at light speed many of them with lots of success. And frankly speaking this new Ice Steel won’t be any different. The watches feel heavier than its plastic counterparts and are great to wear.

Green: the new trend colour in watch world.

A small nod to luxury, available from 119 €.

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