Daily Paper x Havaianas to protect paradise

Dutch fashion brand Daily Paper continues its Protect Paradise-project and teams up with Havaianas to support the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. To do that, they developed a colorful, exotic slipper and fashion collection inspired by the African Island Mauritius and its rich endangered fauna and flora.

Text Anja Van Der Borght and Mirte Spaey

What started in 2008 as a personal blog covering fashion, music, style and African influences of three young friends in Amsterdam – Abderrahmane Trabsini, Jefferson Osei and Hussein Suleiman – is now one of the hippest brands in the business. The Amsterdam based menswear and womenswear fashion brand that was founded in 2012 today is of course about making money but also about giving back.

“The name Daily Paper stands for money, you know. The name was inspired by the lyrics of Mouths to Feed by Ludacris. In this song he sings ‘Can’t keep up with the news but I get that Daily Paper’. Daily Paper in fact a metaphor for money and hustler. As sad as it is, we are hustling. So on the one hand we are hustlers but we also want to inspire people to give something back to the country where their roots are. I myself was born in Somalia. When I was two years old I arrived in the Netherlands as a refugee. Today Daily Paper wants to honor the African continent without destroying it. With every Protect Paradise collection, we illuminate a certain African country and its cultures. As an inspiration for the newest collection, we chose the east-African island Mauritius and more specifically endangered species on the island.


The Daily Paper x Havaianas slippers look like little pieces of paradise, so they’re perfect for the summer holidays!

Mauritian beauty
The colorful Mauritius is known for the friendly service-minded inhabitants but also for its rich fauna and flora. The island is the habitat of many extraordinary animal species, many of which are unfortunately threatened with extinction. The flora consists of many unique and endangered species as well. That’s why the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation tries to preserve the threatened species of the island. Daily Paper and Havaianas decided to give them a hand by donating part of the money made from the collection to them. To capture all that Mauritian beauty, Daily Paper and Havaianas’ new slipper collection features many fun animal and plant prints in exotic colors. The slippers are collages of turtles, green leaves, unique birds and much more. They look like little pieces of paradise, so they’re perfect for the summer holidays!

Eye to eye with Hussein Suleiman, Daily Paper Design Director

How did the collaboration come about ?
HS: “We were media partners with Highsnobiety when they were looking for brands to link with Havianas and immediately thought of us. And yes, we thought it would be interesting to set up a collab.”

Why did you think Havaianas was a good match?
HS: “For what Havaianas stands for. They are very much into Brazilian culture and it is quite similar to what we do with African culture, only that they have been into it for much longer. They were founded in 1962, so it’s been more than 60 years. We as Daily Paper want to tap more into the African diaspora. A lot of people from the African diaspora have ended up in Brazil so that’s another link. And the great thing is that flip-flops are a product that we don’t sell ourselves. Clothing collabs are cool – after all, we’ve been doing them for ten years – but now it’s cool to work with someone who’s been there for years and really stands for something specific.”

Why Mauritius as a theme?
HS: “It’s part of a drop we designed. I read an article about how Mauritius is very much into eco-tourism and sustainability and got inspired by that. All the animals and plants on the all-over print are endangered species that Mauritius protects fiercely. I therefore found it important to invest part of ours in an NGO, in this case the Mauritius Wild Life Foundation. Apart from being inspired, we also really live it and we also really give back.”

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?
HS: “I am a huge fan of the jacket that was inspired by a vintage jacket I found in Singapore. It was a kind of souvenir jacket. I also really like the result of the all over prints because they are actually a kind of infographic of endangered species.”

The giving back aspect is a full circle moment for me. I would find it a shame to capitalise on something and not give it back. That is not the essence of the brand. People who know us know that we give back.

Hussein Suleiman Daily Paper Design Director

To what extent are you currently sustainable?
HS: “We have t-shirts with graphics, shirts, jackets, … and half of this clothing collection is made of eco-cotton. It is a capsule collection that has been very well received. All our hang tags and poly tags are made of biodegradable material. We work with the right factories in Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Vietnam and China. We also try to work with low impact ink. We are looking at how we can print our graphics in a responsible way.”

Suppose you get carte blanche to do a collab what do you dream of ?
HS: “Surely a car. Fragrance I did with Zenology. We have done footwear with different brands like Puma, Feeling Pieces, … but an electric car I would love to do!”

And from which brand?
HS: “It doesn’t really matter, but I am a fan of Mercedes. I drive a Mercedes-Benz C 43 AMG Coupe.”

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