Cycleur de Luxe: recycle your shoes to infinity

At Cycleur de Luxe they do care about our planet. Through products and communication Cycleur de Luxe tries to inspire consumers for a more healthy, fashionable and Cli-Mate-Cool lifestyle! That is why we the brand also introduced an eco-friendly Re>Cycleur line!

As the name allready suggests the Belgian shoebrand Cycleur de Luxe finds its inspiration in the rich cycling history of its country of origin. “In 2012, as amateur cyclists and footwear experts, we couldn’t find any casual sneakers brand to associate with”, Patrick Vannest, founder of Cycleur de Luxe, says. “Therefore we took uppers from old Belgian cycling shoes, mounted these on a sneaker outsole and took it from there. Today over a million, happy, cycling and fashion fans are wearing our casual shoes.” 

The trendy Cycleur de Luxe lifestyle collections, full of details referring to the bike, is made of quality leather and mainly manufactured in Europe. But if you should think the collections is only for cyclists, well it is not! The brand also features dressed shoes, casual shoes, contemporary shoes or fashionable sneakers and is a favourite go-to for many cyclinglovers in several European countries.

With Re>Cycleur Cycleur de Luxe want sto inspire consumers to live a healthy, fashionable lifestyle with the focus on the planet.

Patrick Vannest, founder of Cycleur de Luxe

100% eco-friendly materials
The climate is and remains very important today, which is why the shoe brand Cycleur de Luxe brought a 100% recyclable shoe collection to the market. The recyclable shoes are made of chromefree leather or apple leather. In addition, the top of the shoe, the lining, the sock and the laces are made of 100% bio cotton. On top of that, natural rubber or recycled outsoles are used for the outsoles. A final feature is that the glue that is used, is water-based, so there are no chemicals used in the process.

How the recycling works ?
The process of Re>Cycleur proceeds as follows. First of all, consumers bring back their old pair of Re>cycleur shoes. Therefore, they will receive a 10% discount code on their next pair of Re>cycleur shoes. Then, at the end of the season, all the old pairs of shoes are collected for the cycling process. The shoes are taken apart in a shreader and are processed into a recycled outsole. This outsole is then reused to make a new pair of Re>Cycleur shoes. In this way, each shoe gets a new life and all because of the consumer.

The collection
The collection of Re>Cycleur consists of various fashionable models for both women and men. There is a wide range of different colors and prints. This way, the consumer continues to shine on and off the bike. The new collection is available in the Cycleur de Luxe stores and on the Cycleur de Luxe webshop.

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