Chanel Factory 5: the ultimate collector’s items

To celebrate N°5 and its one 100 years of celebrity in 2021, Chanel has developed Chanel Factory 5, a completely new limited-time collection, with N°5 as its sole ingredient. Seventeen limited-edition products inspired by everyday objects, a reminder that wearing N°5 transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. So step inside the factory of a legend and watch the most iconic fragrance of the century undergo a transformation.

N°5 The Bath Tablets
I hesitated to open this beautiful tea tin with bath effervescent tablets but then I thought, hey, let’s give it a go. So I opend it , took out a packet, and removed the bath tablet inside. Dissolved it in a pink Dutchtub filled withwarm water (37°C/98.6°F) and soaked for a very long team. The way the tablet filled the open air with the scent of Chanel N°5 was just divine. But there is many more to discover. 

N°5 The Body Cream
Open the tube and awaken the artist within you. Apply in layers, concentrating on areas of light and shadow. N°5 The Body Cream helps you find your style by transforming your skin into a canvas. Perfect for turning yourself into your own masterpiece.

N°5 The Shower Gel 
In the mood for a change in decor? Lift the lid off the can (screwdriver not needed), then open a carton with a pair of scissors and slather its contents onto your skin to start seeing life through rose-colored glasses.

N°5 The Mystery Box
Without revealing its contents: this box contains four products to treat yourself from head to fingertip.

And much more. Like this decorative tapes. My favourite !

Or this body milk.

Or the ‘simple’ bottle.

A collection in which the history of the world’s most iconic fragrance meets the future, where the legend of N°5 continues to reinvent itself each and every day.

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