Bar Le 18 @Place d’Armes in Luxemburg: best hotel bar in Europe

Imagine a bar that is so different from all other bars in Europe that it gets elected ‘Best Bar in a Hotel in Europe 2019’. That is the exact title that Bar Le 18 at The Place d’Armes Hotel in Luxembourg still can carry until October 2020.Needless to say we had to try that one out.

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Every year the prestigious jury of the Villegiature Award composed of 22 journalists of world media outlets like Forbes, Paris-Match or Vogue rewards the most beautiful hotels in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia. Ambassadors from many countries, owners and managers from the leading names in luxury hospitality are invited to this awards ceremony.

This year Bar Le 18 at the Place d’Armes Hotel, was nominated the «Best Bar in a Hotel in Europe» category against famous establishments like the Lutetia Hotel with its Josephine Bar in Paris or the luxurious Bar in the TwentySeven hotel in Amsterdam.

Simultaneously refined and relaxed, ‘Le 18’ is a vibrant living place, nested in the heart of the Place d’Armes Hotel adjacent to one of the inner courtyards. A stylish Bar with contemporary sophistication. The structure, the rough and simple materials, a soft lighting and the inner decoration bring to the Bar ‘Le 18’ an informal atmosphere, creating a soothing atmosphere to enjoy a drink.

The selection of rums of French, English and Hispanic influences, goes alongside rare and exceptional whiskeys and innovative cocktails through the seasons. As gin lovers we always want to try new gins so in Luxemburg so we wanted to try a Luxembourg gin. But Bar Le 18 would not be elected best bar in a hotel in Europe if it would serve the same things as elsewhere.

Photo Hotel Place d’Armes

Premier Barman Yolan Pinard lets us have a look at the menu and then requests us a few minutes later on what we exact are looking for. If he hears we are into gins with a zest of citrus or herbs he strongly goes against our desire of testing a Luxembourg gin but we are adamant. A choice we soon will regret once tasting the gin. It is very – how shall we describe it – ‘strong but without character’. It is a gin in the traditional way like the London dry gin from Beefeater or Gordon’s, not so tasty as the modern aromatic gins we love to drink. But hey, there is no accounting for tastes and we learned that it is important to listen to the bartender… Next time!

Our companion gives the bartender carte blanche and receives a delicious cocktail based on white rum, a creamy emulsion with the taste of a strawberry Gervais, lime and mint. It tastes heavenly. So heavenly that our companion had to drink fast to make sure we would not drink the whole cocktail.

And the atmosphere in the bar? It is such a mix and match of patterns and structures so over done that it gets pretty again. An address worth visiting!

Hôtel Le Place d’Armes, 18, Place d’Armes, L-1136 Luxembourg, tel. + (352) 27 47 37 211,,

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