Mifold the most advanced, compact and portable child car safety seat in the world

Imagine a sunny Wednesday afternoon and you have some friend’s kids coming over to play with your youngsters. At the end of the afternoon you get a phone call. One of the couples exceptionally cannot pick up their kids themselves but you on the other hand cannot leave your two kids at home… and you are missing a car safety seat to transport four kids safely in your car… 

Imagine your first holiday abroad together with your youngest ones. You arrive at the airport and take a taxi or Uber to the hotel but it is not equipped with a child car safety seat…

Imagine your ‘mini you’s spending an afternoon at your parents house. But they only have one child car safety seat and they need two to drive your kids back home… 

These are just a few situations in which the mifold can save you. But is also ideal to help you after school when you need to transport an extra child, or when you use a car sharing vehicle; when the rear bench is to small or narrow to put three booster cushions next to each other or when children find themselves too big for a child’s car seat but when they are actually smaller than 1,5 metres. 

Over recent years, families travel differently and more often than not use less traditional modes of transport than the ordinary car. This evolution has led to an increase of child injuries in car accidents. To improve this state of affairs, Jon Sumroy wanted that “every child, in every car, on each journey, always has the suitable safety belt.” 

Therefore he has developed a unique innovation, mifold: a booster seat which is 10 times more compact but just as safe as a classic booster cushion and which adapts the safety belt to the height of the child, in contrast to the classic booster seat which brings the child in a position/height of an adult person. 

Ready to grab and go?

Usually a booster cushion raises the child to the height of an adult, which allows the safety belt to be put correctly (over the hips and over the clavicles). 

Contrary to the classical system, the mifold keeps the seat belt down, so that it adapts to the size and height of the child. 

Mifold is the most advanced, compact and portable child car safety seat in the world. It’s more than 10 times smaller than a regular booster and it’s just as safe. It is so easy to use that even your children can do it all by themselves. 

Mifold folds down and can be stored almost anywhere. It’s so small that even your youngest ones can carry it around in their backpacks. 

The most advanced compact and portable child car safety seat ever invented in the world more than ten times smaller than a regular booster seat and as safe. 

Mifold meets the regulatory standard for booster seats and regulations around the world. 
In compliance with EU regulation ECE R44/04 universal (for any car type)
• For kids + 4 years old
• Conform for 15-36kg
• Group 2-3: forward facing booster cushion with safety belt. 

Price 59,90 Euros

Available at FNAC, Babykid,, and AS-adventure

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