Laurence Vandenborre: fine jewelry for special women

The young Belgian Laurence Vandenborre knew always she wanted to become a jewellery designer. In June 2019, it came true! The talented twentysomething launched her first collection with a strong vision: to design original jewellery that can be worn every day by women from all walks of life, jewellery that reflects their personal style and makes them feel confident.

At the age of fourteen, Laurence was selling her own handmade jewellery set with Swarovski pearls. After graduating with a master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence (2013) and a degree in Gemmology (2015), Laurence began to chase her dream.

Thanks to her highly individual and creative take on colours, shapes, and textures, Laurence succeeds in designing refined, dynamic jewels that speak to a wide target audience. Due to her profound fascination with diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines, and opals, Laurence wants to put these gems in the limelight and make them accessible to everyone. She aims to offer stylish, high-quality jewels suited to different budgets. Laurence’s collections are bursting with emotions, memories, passion, and love. That’s why she’d like to add this: “I love the idea of every woman being able to buy her own jewellery and that pieces will be passed down from generation to generation.”

Handmade in a workshop in Italy, all Laurence Vandenborre jewellery is made from 18K gold. Furthermore, the gems that Laurence uses are ethically analysed and selected. Jewellery set with diamonds include – upon request – a grading report issued by a renowned diamond lab.

Laurence Vandenborre’s collection consists of four categories: ‘Imperfect Shape’, ‘Attempt of a Curve’, ‘In an 80s Heart’ and ‘Sketchy Architecture’. Despite their different styles, these capsule collections have one thing in common: their timeless, stylish, and original aura.

Laurence Vandenborre jewellery is available at Kabiri in London, Galeries du Diamant in Paris and Agathe in Visé (her hometown) or online via

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