Damart inspires in SS20…

Movement is life. This is the reason why Damart continues to innovate and the brand reinvents itself every season. Behind the scenes, stylists travel the world in search of the most elegant trends. For example, beautifully fitted and contoured shirt blouses and jackets in the 70s style. Or marine classics and ‘classy’ neo safari must-haves to survive in the urban jungle. It”s clear Damart inspires in SS20.

Wen it comes to motifs or patterns, tropical prints and polkadots are getting a whole new identity this summer. The dots are subtly spread in the style of pointillism to create an artful effect.

Besides green and blue, neon colors are doing well this season; fluorescent yellow takes centre stage. In short, a lot of nice and cute trends which won’t let you go out unnoticed. This and much more of course.

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