How to receive this Manucurist Green Flash kit

Make sur your fingernails and toenails look perfect this summer anytime and anywhere thanks to this Manucurist Green Flash kit

Some of you will get lucky as we can give away 5 Manucurist Green Flash kits which include:

– a 24 watt foldable lamp

– 1 base coat, 1 top coat, and 3 colors

– a hand cream

– nail polish remover

– removal tweezers

– a nail file

– nail polish remover pen

All of this in a beautiful Manucurist case.

Total value per set: €213

1. Follow WOWwatchers and Manucurist

The contest will end on 9th of june 2024 at 00.00H

2. Like 5 reels on WOWatchers, here


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